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Halloween, Bank Holiday & Mid-Term at GoQuest

Once October arrives and the days get cooler there’s a couple of things front of mind for many of us – the upcoming long weekend, the break from school and of course Halloween which is becoming ever more popular each year here in Ireland.

At GoQuest we quite like this time of year and of course as our activities aren’t weather-dependent we tend to be incredibly popular for days out.

Each of our locations comes with its own 28 unique challenges – 56 in total so for those who’ve been to one venue there’s 28 totally different challenges waiting at the other for you too!

And over the Halloween period each venue will have its own distinct Halloween Challenge – will it be a trick or a treat? Well, you’ll have to call in and try it out to find out!

We’ll be open Bank Holiday Monday and right throughout the school mid-term at GoQuest so if you’re planning your time off you can book when you’re ready here on or call us at 016855005.