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Terms & Conditions

GoQuest Limited (“The Company”) Terms & Conditions and Safety Disclosure Statement


By taking part in GoQuest (Arena or Junior) I accept the waiver as outlined on In addition to this, all organisers of bookings at GoQuest Junior are required to sign a form prior to taking part to confirm that everyone has been passed on the GoQuest Waiver link and understands that by taking part they accept same. Please refer to the waiver document itself for further information.

Two Person Teams:

Two person teams can play at GoQuest Arena but please be aware that there are currently 6 (out of 29) challenges in GoQuest Arena that cannot be competed by a two person team. On average a team gets to try 14/15 challenges of the 29 so it should not impact you but you should be aware of the restriction when you book just two people in. The latest session permitted for a 2 person team is 6:15p.m. unless we have other groups already booked in.


During Covid-19, Masks are compulsory at GoQuest. This applies to all those aged 12+ in groups though 8-11 year olds in families are not obliged to wear them. This is one of the terms and conditions you must accept to play at GoQuest and is not based on any legislation but we do follow the HSE guidelines. If you are unable to wear one for medical reasons, while we understand this may be genuine we respectfully ask you to visit us when we have revised our policy on masks.


Potential participants in GoQuest challenge zone activities should be aware of and accept that there are risks and be responsible for their own actions and involvement. A participant must consider that some of the challenges are physical and could therefore pose the possibility of serious or permanent injury to visitors.  Broken and sprained limbs could result in spite of the safety matting provided in certain rooms.Climbing onto or into challenge activities beyond your capabilities may result in an injury. Therefore, each participant must make their own assessment of the risks before participating in any of the physical challenge rooms.

In addition, minor cuts and bruises, scrapes, falls and slips may occur in any of the challenge rooms or corridors. Participants must remember that the GoQuest journey is one of intrigue and exploration and one in which you may decide to push yourself. GoQuest management are delighted if you choose to participate however, the choice is yours to make, and the risk assessment yours to undertake and take responsibility for before you take part in some or all the challenge rooms. If you take part in GoQuest you are considered to have accepted these terms and conditions. If one individual books for a group it is their responsibility to advise others in the group of these terms and conditions and their participation is taken as acceptance of these. If you have minors in your group it is the responsibility of the person booking to advise their parents/guardians of the GoQuest terms and conditions and once they take part the parents/guardians are considered to have accepted them.

Health & Safety:

Your health and safety is of paramount importance to GoQuest whilst in our challenge zone or cafe area. We set out some clear guidelines at the briefing before your Challenge begins. You must be prepared to abide by them otherwise staff may  ask you to leave the premises. It is important as a visitor to GoQuest that you respect staff and other visitors to our facility. We ask you at all times to act responsibly whilst still enjoying the facility.
GoQuest reserves the right to refuse admission to any individual or group. GoQuest also reserves the right to ask any individual or group to leave the premises without prior notice and with immediate effect.  GoQuest is a strictly no alcohol site, see below.


GoQuest Arena has a minimum age of 8 in a family group and 12 in a group without adults.
GoQuest Junior has a minimum age of 5 in a family group and 9 in a group without adults. (age 8 ok at 9th birthday) 8th birthdays not permitted.
The starting age for birthdays at GoQuest Arena is 13th birthdays. No under 12’s are permitted without being in a family group.
The starting age for birthdays at GoQuest Junior is 9th birthdays where some children may be 8. No under 8’s are permitted without being in a family group.


The challenge zone is suitable for ambulatory disabled participants, although the risks mentioned above should first be assessed by each individual. The challenge zone arena is not suitable for wheelchair (due to the nature of the challenges) users although such users are welcome to the cafe area and may be able to take limited part in some challenges on the ground floor in Carrickmines


Online payments: once availability has been confirmed on the booking site 100% payment is required to secure your time and date. The online booking system accepts credit or debit cards. The online booking system uses a recognised secure payment system, with a high level of card number encryption, and no card details are held at GoQuest once entered online via the payment gateway provided. The Company cannot accept liability if payment is refused or declined by the credit/debit card supplier for any reason.  If a payment does not complete and as a consequence the booking does not confirm, the Company does not accept responsibility for arrivals without confirmed bookings.  Online (& over the phone) bookings are only confirmed once the status is Paid – A Pending status is not complete.  In the event the Company does not have a booking for a customer, for whatever reason, the Company does not accept responsibility if unable to accommodate the group on arrival.  If a booking is misplaced, erroneously deleted or missed for any other reason, the Company will not accept responsibility for any loss of time or money in relation to this.  If payment was received a full refund will be given or an alternative date offered.

The company maintains the right to cancel or change a booking and in so doing the customer has the right to either accept the change, rebook for another occasion, or accept a full refund. By confirming payment you agree to the Terms & Conditions and Rules operated by GoQuest Limited.

The Company shall not be liable for any failure by the customer or third party making payment of fees to properly protect data from being seen on their screen by other persons or otherwise obtained by such persons, during the online payment process or in respect of any omission to provide accurate information in the course of the online payment process.

For cheque payments and phone bookings the customer needs to book by direct contact with GoQuest customer service team at 01 6855005. The booking can only be secured when the cheque is cleared. Cheque payments can only be accepted seven days in advance of a booking.

All bookings are denominated in euros.

Refunds & Cancellation Policy:

For standard GoQuest bookings (less than 10 people) A full refund (less any online booking fees) is available if cancellation (in writing/by email) is made 72 hours or more before the booking time.  These refunds are made less any online booking fees or charges incurred by GoQuest and the refunds may be subject to an administration charge.

For group bookings of 10 or more persons or any corporate or party/group bookings, any deposit paid is non refundable though we may be able to offer a reschedule if given ample notice.  So that we can work out our available spaces for sale to others, we require final numbers to be provided 3 days before the booking and the (balance) payment to be received at least 72 hours before the date.

If less people attend the activity than booked at final confirmation date, the payment difference will not be refunded.  If (as an exception) we take a deposit or permit the balance to be paid on the day of the booking then the amount charged is based on the numbers at 72 hours date even if less numbers than confirmed attend.

If a change of date is requested and you provide ample notice (1 week plus) then we will permit one reschedule per booking with the full deposit or payment carried over.  If less than 1 weeks notice is given or if more than one reschedule is requested then the payment or deposit may be forfeited.  If a change of date is requested, the new date must be within 6 weeks of the original date.  So that we can transfer your deposit to another booking, the new date must be provided when you are requesting the date change.

Should the arena/challenge zone be unavailable for use due to technical failure, weather related events or any other reason, The Company will offer a full refund or alternative booking option. The Company is not liable for any costs or other suppliers costs (eg transport, catering) that may be incurred by a client due to venue cancellation.  The Company reserves the right to cancel any booking at short notice and/or to refuse entry without explanation.  If an event is cancelled the customer will receive a full refund.

The company cannot be held responsible for late arrivals (or non arrivals/cancellations) as a result of bad weather or any other reason which may affect your ability to get to GoQuest at the appointed time.  In the event that due to extreme weather (or other reason) you are unable to attend GoQuest your booking deposit or payment will be lost.  In exceptional circumstances, the Company may choose to offer you a rescheduled date within 3 months from the booking date.  No refunds will be granted.

Booking Times & Delays:

If you or one of your group arrive late then GoQuest reserve the right to shorten the length of your time in the challenge zone.  This may also result in a delayed start time for your group.  If your group is very late then during busy periods this may result in us not being able to accommodate you at all in that session and no refund will apply.  We do work hard to accommodate everyone but during busy periods delays are possible and GoQuest does not accept responsibility for delays or for any knock on effect on transport or other bookings.  During busy periods, there may on occasion be a delay of up to 45 minutes in starting your group.  The Company does not accept responsibility for delays which may result in the finish time of your group being delayed.  GoQuest reserves the right to alter (booked) starting times by up to 90 minutes due to operational issues.  If this is required we will provide ample notice (minimum 48 hours) and if the new time is not suitable we will offer a refund or can reschedule for another date.


We have ample parking at GoQuest, however we cannot guarantee that we can accommodate large groups driving in their own cars during weekday working hours.  If booking a large group in, the onus is on the customer to arrange suitable transport (coach, taxi, car sharing) to ensure that the group size can be accommodated.  If our designated spaces are full, customers are not permitted to park in our neighbouring businesses’ spaces.  If they do they will be asked to move and GoQuest can accept no responsibility for any inconvenience or lost time in the challenge zone as a result.  If another business stickers or clamps a vehicle parked in a non GoQuest space then GoQuest accepts no responsibility for any charge that may arise as a result.   There is additional parking at Leopardstown Shopping Centres approximately 5 minutes walk away from GoQuest.  GoQuest accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage to vehicles while customers are attending GoQuest.

GoQuest Ltd are not responsible for any loss or damage caused to your car or contents while attending a GoQuest session.  We strongly advise you not to leave valuables in your car and we provide lockers inside for small valuables.


Lockers are provided to store bags and/or other personal items. Whilst The Company have located these close to reception we cannot take responsibility for any items lost or stolen in these lockers or on your person during your visit to our facility.  The company is not responsible for any loss or damage caused to your car or contents while attending a GoQuest session.


The content of our website is provided for information purposes only, is subject to change and will be updated from time to time without notice to you.
The Company is not liable for loss or damage arising out of your use, or your inability to use, GoQuest website.
Any reproductions or copies or dissemination of the website content can only be undertaken by permission of The Company.

Trademarks & Intellectual Property

The Company retains all rights and interests in the text, software, logos, videos, trade names, music and graphics used within the GoQuest Challenge arena and its Website ( . The Company logo and name is protected by Trade Mark under European law.  The Company welcomes reviews, however you are not permitted to share information about individual challenges, concepts or game play either online or offline.  While it is permissible to share an occasional photo, you are not permitted to show or share multiple photos or specific photos that may show the solution or method to complete a challenge.  GoQuest is about fun, excitement and intrigue and we take this discovery element seriously and by taking part you agree to adhere to this condition and agree not to discuss or share information as specified here.  The use of video cameras, including go-pros or using phones to take videos is strictly prohibited.


GoQuest is a strictly no alcohol site and the company reserves the right to refuse entry to individuals or groups who management believe may have alcohol taken.  Participants who have alcohol consumed are not permitted to take part in GoQuest.  If a participant has consumed alcohol or is suspected of doing so they will be refused entry into the challenge zone and no refund will apply.  If one of a larger group is refused entry and others choose not to participate then no refund will apply.  Please come to GoQuest for fun and enjoy drinks after and never before.

Special offers & Promotions

The Company may on occasion run special offers or promotions.  If you book with a promotional offer you are accepting the standard terms and conditions of GoQuest.  Where pre payment or online booking is required these bookings are not refundable although this option may be reviewed at the discretion of the company.  These online booking offers are also not subject to our normal cancellation terms although on request we may be able to change the date given enough notice.  When GoQuest runs a special offer or promotion for a set period, we reserve the right to cancel the offer before the scheduled end date.  This will not affect any bookings made before then.  Offers that must be booked online are as outlined, only available for pre payment and online bookings and are not available at GoQuest on the day of the activity.  If you have made an online booking with a promotional code and you are unhappy with the terms and conditions, then if you contact us within 72 hours of making your booking we will refund your payment in full.

The offer code must be entered in to the Voucher/Coupon or Promo Code field on the checkout page and applied for the discount to be deducted from the total price.
Unless stated promotional discounts cannot be combined and only one offer can be applied to any order. All offers apply to standard tickets only (not parties or corporate tickets) and do not apply to already discounted tickets (e.g. schools special or student rate)
 GoQuest reserves the right to change or cancel a promotional offer at any time.

Cookies Policy

Our website uses cookies, as almost all websites do, to help provide you with the best experience we can. Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer or mobile phone when you browse websites. Read more about cookies.

Refusal of Entry:

The management of GoQuest reserve the right to refuse entry to an individual or group aside from the reasons outlined above. In this case a full refund will be provided.

GoQuest Limited terms and conditions are subject to change at any time. (Updated April 2021)