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For adults, teenagers, corporates and older families
For Groups of 9-12 year olds and Families

Which Experience – Junior or Arena?

One great venue with two great independent experiences – GoQuest Arena and GoQuest Junior – which is best for you?

Our two Experiences have been designed to ensure a good balance is struck between passing and failing a room for the particular target audience. Remember, we want to give our customers the best experience and our recommendations are based on knowledge and trying to ensure everyone has a fun time at GoQuest! Both Experiences require active participation from anyone taking part. Families? More children 7-11 choose Junior, More 12+ choose Arena!

GoQuest Junior – suitable for:

  • Groups aged between 9-12 (3rd class & Up) with a minimum age of 8 for 9th birthdays for some of the
  • Not suitable for 2nd class groups (and they are not permitted)
  • Families with children mostly 7-12, though a minimum age of 5 ( and at least 1 metre in height) is allowed if adults are actively
    participating as a family. (older children can play too in a family)
  • 3rd Class Primary School up to 1st Year school groups.

GoQuest Arena – suitable for:

  • Groups aged 13+: teenagers and adults
  • Corporates
  • School TY groups or similar age
  • Families (at least one adult per team) with most children over 12 but children aged 8-11 can play if older siblings & adults playing too.
  • Have two adults and an 8 and 10 year old? Book Junior not Arena. Have a few adults adults, teenagers and one 9 year old? Book Arena!

What do we get asked most? “Is GoQuest Junior too childish for my kids?” Our Answer: “No it is not!”