Is GoQuest an escape room (or like one)?

No.  In an escape room you have an hour to get out of a single room that you’re locked in.
GoQuest has 28 unique challenge rooms which you move around trying to complete as many as possible in the time (1.5 hours playing but two hours on site).  We’re also a mix of light physical, skill or mental challenges where escape rooms are just mental tasks/solutions.  See the January 2019 GoQuest statement here in relation to fire certification and general compliance.

Is there now two GoQuests?

Yes in February 2019 GoQuest South, Carrickmines opened with 28 new challenges.
Yes! that’s 28 unique new challenges with no overlap between GoQuest North & South so 56 unique challenges in total.

Is this for adults or kids?

60% of our customers are adults or over 16 but children over 8 can take part in families (mixed ages with adults) and those aged 11 and up can take part subject to some conditions(see parties section).  GoQuest is not suitable for groups of 8/9//10 year olds (even with adults) and they’re not permitted to take part. For example a booking for an 8, 10, 14 year old and one or two adults is fine but not for a group of 9 year olds.

There is just two of us, why can’t I book online (and can we do it)?

GoQuest is designed for teams of three to five people but most (but not all) of the rooms can be done by two people.  The reason we have it set at three is that we want to ensure people are engaged and having more people active ensures this..  There are about 7/8 rooms that you can’t complete as two people (but 21 that you can!) – we do take bookings for two people as a result but only over the phone so we can explain.

Who can use what tickets?

Family of 4 – 2 adults and 2 under 16s or 1 adult and 3 under 16s.  Family members aged 16 or more must book a student or adult ticket.
Student – Secondary School but 16 or over or 3rd level with Valid ID.

Do you update or change challenges?

Yes we change full games and also tweak challenge clues and answers, for more on the success rate, challenges that people get to and updates see our Challenges page.

Do we need to choose activities before the day?

No.  All your decisions as a team are made inside the challenge zone, how many times you retry, do you move on etc..  All teams have access to all zones and challenge rooms so you can go where you like and attempt whichever ones you wish to.

What should I wear?

GoQuest has some light physical challenges in it so you should wear comfortable clothing and footwear. In particular high heels are not permitted and heavy shoes are not advised. It is not overly physical so casual clothing is generally considered fine though some do opt to wear tracksuits.

How long does a session last?

From arrival to departure you need to allow just under 2 hours of which 90 minutes is in the Challenge arena and the rest includes registration, briefing and wrap up at the end.

We’re booked for 4p.m. – what time should we arrive?

You should arrive about 15 minutes before your appointed time – there’s no need to arrive 20-30 minutes earlier and this is likely to result in a wait though we do serve delicious coffee in our snack bar…   Large groups should be aware that if late we may need to cut your time in the challenge zone to accommodate you though we do our best to avoid this.

Is there a café there?

We have a small snack bar with gourmet coffee and teas, drinks and a selection of confectionery and snacks. However we also offer a range group/party/corporate packages (see parties or corporate pages) with catering  options which are available on pre-order and we’ll reserve an area for you for this.  You can also order pizzas through us on arrival and they’ll be waiting for you when you finish in the challenge zone.  We can do gluten free pizzas (pre ordered) also but there are subject to a €5 per head surcharge

Is there parking?

We have ample parking to the front and side of our unit in Finglas and front and rear in GoQuest South (from Feb 2019).  However during weekday working hours (9-5) we cannot accommodate large groups who travel in individual cars.  We ask that they arrive by Luas (GoQuest South) coach/bus, taxi or car share.  In GoQuest North Finglas, there is overflow car parking near to our unit so please ask in reception who will direct you to these spaces, just a minute walk away.  If you park in front of or in  other unit’s spaces you will likely have your session interrupted to move it.  After 5p.m. weekdays and all weekends there are dozens of available spaces.

There are 15 in our group, can we choose how many teams we are in?

No.  The number of teams you’re in is set automatically by the number of people. Teams are made up of  maximum 5 people so if you’re 15 you’ll be in three teams of 5 but if you rise to 16 you’ll be in four groups of 4.  3-5 People – 1 Team, 6-10 People – 2 Teams, 11 -15 People – 3 Teams, 16-20 people – 4 Teams, 21-25 people -5 Teams and so on…

We’re a family of four and don’t want to be mixed in with other teams, is that ok?

At GoQuest we never mix teams from different groups.  You will always be split up according to the system rules (max 5 per team) and there will likely be other teams in the challenge zone but you won’t have strangers on your own team.

We have a 5 year old in our group, can she take part if the rest of the group are older?

Unfortunately not, no children under 8 are permitted in the GoQuest zone. Children between 8 and 11 must have an adult in every team but groups of 8/9/10/ year olds are not permitted even with adults.

Our 12 year old wants to have her party there, is that ok?

Yes as long as your group adhere to certain conditions for 12 year old groups.  Parties for up to fifteen children aged 12 are permitted once an adult remains on site.  For more than fifteen children there must be an adult in every team of 5. (e.g 15 children would need three adults to also take part).  This means for fourteen x 12 year olds you’d need 17 people including 3 adults. This rule is strictly enforced.  We love to have large groups of children aged 11/12 (including primary school groups) but they must book in private/exclusive sessions or have adults on every team, call us to discuss.  There can be exceptions such as a large mixed age groups with plenty of adults.  13 year old parties are welcome once an adult remains on site.  Please note that due to the nature of the challenge zone and as we’re aimed at older children and adults, we don’t provided dedicated party coordinators or party bags.  But we will provide paper plates, napkins and of course you can bring a cake for after the pizza.  See more on our Parties page

We are a large group of cubs (not scouts) aged 8-11, can we book in and take part with leaders ?

GoQuest is not suitable for large groups of 8-11 year olds even with adults on each team.  If you have a large mixed age group of 9-15 year olds is may be possible to play but please call us to discuss.

How difficult is it?, will our two children aged 10 & 12 have fun?

GoQuest is aimed at older children and adults but we find that children under 12 (but over 8) who take part as part of a family group have great fun.  However we don’t recommend it for groups of 8/9/10 year olds even with the required adult in each team.  It’s ideal for a family with two adults and children over 8 or one adult and those aged 10/11 or teenagers.

I’ve been three times now,  will you be changing some of the challenges?

In February 2019 GoQuest South Carrickmines opened with another 28 unique challenges.  So in the unlikely event you scored on 70% or more of the games in GoQuest North, now you have even more choice!   GoQuest has 28 challenge rooms for choice, no-one gets to them all which is why people return many times and most groups get to two thirds of the rooms but only get about 25% of the points available.. To explain this better we have set up a special challenges page so you can see the stats and also see the room changes as they happen.  See Challenges for more.

Do you cater for disabled guests?

Unfortunately many of the challenges are not suitable for wheelchair users or disabled guests as they involve climbing, crawling and balancing. However our snack bar area is of course fully accessible and some of our challenges are suitable for the ambulant disabled.

Do I need to be fit?

No – though one or two of our light physical challenges can be testing however you can always choose not to do these particular ones.

Can I take part if I am pregnant?

Yes.  As there is a wide variety of challenges GoQuest is suitable for pregnant ladies as you can choose not to do certain light physical challenges or indeed any challenge you don’t feel comfortable doing.  All the better if your team has four or five in it as then you team mates can still attempt that challenge.

Is there a prize?

Our corporate package includes prizes however we don’t include them for normal bookings.  However you can buy a GoQuest trophy on booking or arrival if taking part as a group – spice up the competition for just €15!

Can we bring our own food or drinks in?

Unfortunately not although if you have a party with pizza then you are permitted to bring in a birthday cake (and we’ll have a knife, napkins and a lighter).  No food or drinks are permitted inside the GoQuest challenge zone at any stage.

Is there somewhere to store our belongings or valuables?

Yes we have lockers on site though they are not suitable for large bags and are more suitable for valuables and keys etc.

We’re out for the day and night, can we have a few drinks first?

Customers are not permitted to have alcohol taken before taking part in GoQuest and we reserve the right to refuse entry without a refund for anyone who we suspect may have consumed alcohol.

Is there changing facilities there?

No, we have designed the challenges so that they can be done in casual/comfortable clothes so we don’t think showers are a requirement if you’re heading out on the town after.

 Is it competitive?

Only if you want it to be. If you’re a group of friends or colleagues you can just try and do as well as you can yourselves but if part of a larger group then scores can be compared and prizes awarded if that’s what you require.

Latest Coronavirus information

We encourage all customers to learn more about prevention and refer to the guidelines as suggested by the HSE. For more information about
GoQuest preventative actions please read our latest statement.