GoQuest Arena
An indoor challenge experience with 29 unique challenges. 1 Hr 45 Minutes Experience For adults, corporates, teenagers & older families. Min. age 12 in groups. Up to 100 people! *2 People see Info More info
GoQuest Junior
An Indoor Challenge Experience with 22 unique challenges. 1 hr 30 Minutes Experience For groups of 9-12 year olds and younger families (min. age 5 in a family team) Minimum 3 people, Maximum 70. More info
The Attic Mystery
How are your detective skills? Can you stop a deadly crime? The Attic is a fun filled mystery where you explore The Attic trying to solve clues and earn points. A 90 minute experience for 2 to 21 people. More info


Should I book GoQuest Junior or Arena and what the age restrictions?

Overview. GoQuest Arena is for adults, teenagers and families with older children. The minimum age in GoQuest Arena is 8 but unless most of the group are 11+ you should choose GoQuest Junior. GoQuest Junior is for families where most children are 12 or under and groups of 9-12 year olds. In short, if you’re a family with mainly over 11s then book Arena and mainly under 12s then book Junior! GoQuest Junior is not for groups of young children (5-8 year olds) even with adults, this is GoQuest so it is still a challenge – for parents too!
Groups – The minimum age for groups in GoQuest Arena is 12 (6th class). The minimum age for birthdays for GoQuest Junior is 9th birthdays (3rd class).
For those under 15, If not playing as a family team, an adult must remain on site at all times.
**please note that those under the ages specified above (including babies in slings etc) are not permitted to enter the challenge zone. Anyone who enters the challenge zone must be a paying and playing participant.

Two People – What if there’s just 2 of us?

GoQuest Arena needs a minimum of three people to complete all the challenges. So it’s is a better experience for 3 or more people as you’ll be able to attempt all the challenges. So Yes 2 people can play but currently are able to complete 26 of the 29 challenges. Unfortunately we are not able to accept Saturday bookings until AFTER 4P.M for 2 people.

How are teams set?

The teams are composed of max 5 players. 5+ players, form another team and compete against each other. (up to a max of 20 teams, 100 players!). 11-15 people is three teams, 16 is four teams as never go over 5 in a team. In The Attic it’s max THREE per team (exception Family of 4 can play as one or two teams)
Please see for an exact breakdown on how many teams your group will play in.

Is GoQuest Suitable for wheelchair users?

The GoQuest venue is fully accessible in reception and toilets areas and there is a wheelchair lift to the first floor for GoQuest Junior. However the nature of the challenges themselves means that some of these are not suitable either because they are physical or skill challenges or due to the nature of the room setup. However we do get lots of wheelchair users and though they may not be able to take part in all of the challenges they can mostly enter rooms and contribute to the team. All our room doors are Part M compliant for building regulations. If you feel like dropping in to see our setup then please do.

Will GoQuest Junior be too babyish for my family or too easy?

No! Please trust us when we say families with most 12 or under should play GoQuest Junior. At GoQuest we believe in challenging fun and Junior is that! Average scores so far are 35 out of 100.

Is GoQuest an Escape Room?

No, we’re quite unique and even if we do say so ourselves we think GoQuest is better than an escape room!! We’re 29 unique challenges that you roam around in the 1 hr 45 minute experience trying to solve as many as possible. (GoQuest Junior 22 challenges in 1 hr 30 minutes experience)

Are the challenges updated?

Yes! We regularly update our challenges and this has encouraged many of our visitors to return for another opportunity to increase their score. With the introduction of our Leaderboards in 2019 we’ve welcomed many back determined to get their name displayed for all to see!! In January 2023 GoQuest Arena has introduced EIGHT completely new challenges. As a rule we guarantee to change at least 6 challenges in GoQuest Arena and 5 in GoQuest each calendar year from January 2023.

How do we choose a challenge to suit?

Your session kicks off with a briefing and you’ll be advised that it’s up to your team to choose a challenge to suit, some pick a challenge based on available points while others decide based on a glance into the room and others again based on what they feel their team’s strengths are.

You’ve got 90 minutes to maximise your points, challengers select an available room of their choice and get through as many challenges as possible in this time collecting as many points as they can along their journey.

And remember, your points are automatically logged on our live scoreboards so you can keep an eye on the competitors too!

What should we wear?

While there is a mix of physical, skill and mental challenges, comfortable clothes are fine – you don’t need to be in tracksuits etc but some prefer this. However footwear is most important – flat shoes/runners are best and due to the nature of some of the challenges we don’t permit high heels.

Is GoQuest an option for those with special needs?

Some of our challenges will be unavailable to those who are physically restricted but the venues are accessible and there will be a selection of options that may suit. For this reason we suggest that you speak with our team in Carrickmines prior to booking to ensure it’s the right option for your day out.

Can I take take part in GoQuest if I’m pregnant?

Unless there are medical reasons for you not taking part we don’t forsee any problems but we would suggest that you choose your teammates well as there are some challenges that might not be quite as comfortable for you.

What are my options for food / drink?

No Outside food or drink is permitted at GoQuest. GoQuest Junior does party packages which include pizzas and drinks. GoQuest Arena has party rooms or a large café space and this is where your group will have food when the activity is over. We do standard pizza packages or gourmet pizza packages with a 500ml soft drink. We also provide a sandwich/wraps platter with crisps and a 500ml soft drink but must be pre ordered. When you order food you have use of the room or space for up to 30 minutes at the end of the activity. We will provide napkins, paper platters and if having a cake then a knife and lighter.
If having a pizza/sandwich package we also have additional add on extras – contact us for more information.

Are there changing or storage facilities?

GoQuest doesn’t offer changing facilities as our guests turn up ready to participate. You will find complimentary lockers for your personal belongings and we have larger lockers for group bookings.

Do you have car parking?

Yes GoQuest Arena & GoQuest Junior have ample parking to the front and rear of the building.

Is GoQuest accessible on public transport?

GoQuest in Carrickmines is right next to the Luas Green Line, literally minutes walk from Leopardstown Valley Luas stop or Ballyogan Wood.

If you wish to arrange a private transfer to GoQuest, may we recommend who have proven quite popular amongst our clients.

Can we take photos?

Photos are permitted at any point during the challenges but we generally find that in the excitement of the event most people are caught up in scoring as many points as possible and simply hold on to the end for a group photo instead – especially when they can boast about winning!! We do not permit videos or the use of GoPros inside the arena.

We provide a range of photo props so you can get the perfect photo and our GoQuest team are always happy to take photos for you too.

In the case of corporate clients photos are taken of your group and sent on by email the following day – this is covered in the details of your corporate package booking.

We love to see photos from our challengers, if you’d like to show off your score make sure to include #goquest in your social media posts or tag us so we can pick them up too.

Does an adult have to remain on site if children playing on their own?

In GoQuest Junior an adult must always remain on site if 9-13 year olds are playing on their own. In GoQuest Arena if the children playing are 15 or under an adult is required to stay on site. This is for insurance reasons and not something we have flexibility with.