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How Does GoQuest Indoor Challenge Arena Compare to Escape Rooms?

The very short answer is that we’re completely different! but read on for more detail.   If you’re a fan of The Cube, then we’re sure you’ll have bags of fun at GoQuest. We’re always working hard to develop great interactive challenges for our customers, testing their physical and mental skills to solve a wide variety of challenges.

We’ve often been asked how we compare to escape rooms and our answer is to say that while both are great fun we offer all the challenges you’d expect from one without being confined to one room. We think it gives us the opportunity to provide a more flexible and interesting challenge zone where visitors can pick and choose which challenges they try their hand at and of course we also include physical and skill challenges. GoQuest is a fully automated and purpose built interactive arena that is unique to Ireland.

What are Escape Rooms?

They’re becoming very popular around the UK & Ireland and are the perfect antidote to our digital age. Players get locked in a room and must solve a number of different puzzles, often in a particular order, to “escape”. Escape rooms are great for all the family but have also become a favourite for corporate events, encouraging work colleagues to act together as a team in order to solve the puzzles. Normally, escape rooms are a timed event – the trick is to solve everything and get out before your time runs out.

How Does GoQuest Differ from an Escape Room?

It’s bigger for a start. While escape rooms are normally a single room, we’ve put together 29 different rooms each containing a unique challenge. In each room, you have a certain amount of time to complete the task in hand. If you don’t complete it, you can choose to try again or move onto another room. You pick up points as you go along and the winner (if you want one) is the one who gets the most.

This makes it ideal for competing groups who choose different routes through the GoQuest rooms. Having lots of puzzle areas means that we have one distinct advantage over many escape rooms – our challenges are a mix of light physical, mental & skill-based challenges. Currently, we have three difficulty levels and four themed zones to choose from – the harder the difficulty, the more points awarded!

Spread over a 10,000sq foot purpose designed arena, teams have 1.5 hours to try to complete as many challenge rooms as they can and win the points! You get great value for money and we can accommodate up to 100 people in our challenge zone at any one time.

Teams are made up of between 3 and 5 people and we ensure that no more than 16 teams are in the challenge zone at any one time *(max 20 teams once in a single group) meaning that there are always plenty of rooms to choose throughout your session. If you have a large office and want something unusual for your staff to get involved in, GoQuest is the place to go – no one has to wait and everyone starts having fun as soon as they arrive; some say the hardest challenge is coming up with your team name, we would suggest otherwise!

For families with older children and teenagers, it’s great for a day out, especially when the weather’s not too good. And for a group of friends, it makes an interesting and challenging alternative!

Escape rooms certainly are great and fun to try but GoQuest is different. Hosting a mix of light physical, skill & mental challenges really does mean that there is something for everyone to enjoy and with a unique challenge in each room the excitement really does build when opening each door.

Escape Rooms are great too but if you have tried one and now want to test your mental, skill or your physical prowess, book a session at GoQuest today. We’re know you’ll have a brilliant time.