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Returning to work – re-introduction, productivity, enjoyment

Whether your company decides on a full return to work or a hybrid model of home and work, some fundamental steps will need to be thought through such as office layout, ventilation and cleaning, reconstructing new processes and practices to sustain a new corporate culture within the organisation.

Assuming that at this stage, most of the above are in place, and employees are starting to trickle back in with a crescendo of staff back over the next few months, the obvious issues that may surface in many organisations are:

A recent Irish Times article quotation, from a KPMG partner, sums up the return-to-work dilemma that many companies face:

“Collaboration, coaching, nurturing and developing culture and so forth really benefit from in-person engagement. What we’re working on at the moment is how to get the balance right so this is the clear focus when in the office.”

A recent LinkedIn survey, quoted on Bloomberg TV, indicated that 50% of employers were going to increase their budget on social events with the aim of trying to facilitate this reintroduction or re-engagement of staff to help smooth the transition back into the office.

We at GOQUEST have happily facilitated the Irish corporate world in their thousands, over the past five years, to offer a unique experience for their employees.  GoQuest allows for team-building in groups of 3-5 persons with up to 100 facilitated during any one full session (2 hours).  It’s quite a unique experience whereby team members have to work together to compete as many of our 29 individual challenge rooms as possible to secure the highest possible score – all points are displayed through our live digital scoreboard.  Each room is a timed game that is either a light physical, mental or skills challenge that encourages combined problem solving in a fun, enjoyable format that will have the group talking for days after about their unique experience.

One of the positive aspects of the event at GOQUEST is that it is very inclusive with something in it for every employee to engage. Is there a better way to start the journey again back to the office?