We keep the information on our challenges intentionally vague as that adds to the fun and intrigue.  But people sometimes ask how many times can they visit or do we intend to change challenges over time (yes we do, we aim to change fully three & 5 internal changes per year).  This challenges page is here to give you some more information on them and also keep you informed of changes and updates as they happen.

Firstly here’s some interesting facts if you’ve been here and are considering coming back for a second, third or fourth time!

Did you know?

  • Most groups get to “see” about 16 rooms on a visit but only pass less than half of these.
  • There are/will be 60 points available at both GoQuest venues and in GoQuest North Park only about 4 groups have achieved that so far (after 4/5 visits!)
  • The average score from all groups is 15.  16 Points is a good score on a first visit especially for a family.
  • If you scored very highly (20 to 25 points) then you have completed less than 40% of the GoQuest challenges
  • You may know the solutions to some of the rooms but our skill challenges can be just as tricky no matter how often you visit.
  • We do change rooms – sometimes by changing internal clues (it’s like a whole new game) and we have already added many new rooms and will do more as time goes on.

With all of the above in mind here’s the update on our changes to challenges (in GoQuest North Park) which we’ll keep updating as we make the changes and additions.  After a period we’ll also start changing and updating rooms in GoQuest South Carrickmines too.

Date Room Change
March 11th 2019  New Room! –  Street Games (Physical)
February 12th 2019 GoQuest South Now Open – 28 new Unique Rooms
November 2018 Room Change – Brain Freeze (Mental)
October 2018  New Room Open! – The Jungle Dam  (Light Physical)
May 2018 Clue & Solutions Change – 21st Century & Brain Melt
May 8th 2018  New Room Open! – An Irish Murder  (Mental)
November 2017  New Room Open! – Temple of Doom! (Skill)
November 2017 Clue & Solutions Change – Jumble in the Jungle
November 2017 Clue & Solutions Change – 21st Century Photo Hunt
October 2017  Room Change– Halloween Headwreck
September 2017 Clue & Solutions Change – Chess (& cheat fix!)
August 2017 Clue & Solutions Change – Find The Fans
June 2017  Room Change! – Brain Melt (Mental)
April 2017 New Room Now Open! – Giant's Causeway (Skill)
February 2017 Clue & Solutions Change – Find The Fans
November 2016 New Room – Brain Freeze
October 2016 Clue & Solutions Change – Jungle Jeopardy
October 2016 New Room – Halloween Headwreck
September 2016 Clue & Solutions Change – The Living Room
September 2016 Clue & Solutions Change – 20th Century Photo Hunt
July 2016 Clue & Solutions Change – Find The Fans
June 2016 Double Speed – Wild West Reaction

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