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We guarantee at least 6 new challenges in both venues every calendar year from January 2023. GoQuest Arena has just had 8 (EIGHT, count them!) new challenges in January 2023!

GoQuest Arena

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GoQuest Junior

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GoQuest challenges are designed to test you in several ways; light physical, mental and skills-based challenges that offer something for everybody whatever their personal strengths, abilities and likes.

Our automated system enables us to monitor which challenges are most popular or prove most complex to our guests. We update and create ever more enjoyable options regularly to ensure you can keep coming back for more!

See below for sneak peaks at some of our new and current challenges in both venues.

Did you know?

  • Most groups get to “try” about 16 rooms on a visit but pass less than half of these!.
  • There are 60 points available at GoQuest Arena, so far ONLY 3 groups have achieved this – will you be next? GoQuest Junior has a max score of 100!
  • The average score from all groups is 14 in Arena.  14 Points is a good score on a first visit especially for a family. So far the average score in Junior is 38 (out of 100)
  • If you scored very highly (20 to 25 points) then you have completed less than 40% of the GoQuest challenges
  • Some of our challenges appear more straight-forward, others are more complex and even after multiple visits you may still be puzzled!

Our Latest Challenges

Keep an eye out for updates on new challenges and clue changes but here’s a teaser of some of our rooms from GoQuest Arena and GoQuest Junior:

If you haven’t taken a trip to GoQuest yet, what are you waiting for?

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