GoQuest is the perfect venue for family or friends’ celebrations! It’s fun, it’s interactive, it’s action packed.  There are some conditions for those aged 11 & 12, see below.  Please note that parties or food cannot be booked online, please call 01-6855005.  GoQuest is not suitable for groups of 8/9/10 year olds (even with adults) and they are not permitted to take part.  Download Party PDF Here


  • 28 Unique Challenge Rooms, 4 Themed Zones
  • Max 5 per Team- Everyone gets involved
  • Optional Post activity pizza & drink (pre booked only)


  • Adult Birthdays
  • Teenage Parties (13+)
  • 11 and 12yo Parties (see below for conditions)


  • 4-5 People Per Team
  • We never mix teams – your team will only be members of your group!


  • 2 Hours On-Site (1.5 hours actual playing time)
  • 2.5 Hours On-Site with Food
  • Arrive 15 minutes before session and time on site includes briefing time.


  • €19 per head (€17.80 if under 16) or €17.50 per head Group Rate (8+ people if having food):
  • €7 Standard Pizza (3 large slices) with 500ml Drink (nor a cordial) – minimum 6 people
  • Use of cafe area or upstairs room for 30 minutes after activity if having food – must be pre booked on 01-6855005.
  • Sorry – We don’t permit any food or drinks from outside (except a cake – if having pizza)


  • Parties with food cannot be booked online, please call 01-6855005
  • Max. 15 taking part alone (3 teams of 5)
  • Higher numbers need an adult on each team or book a Private/Early Session
  • Adult to remain on site at all times
  • Download the party pdf here
  • Allow 2 hours or 2.5 hours with food.
  • Yes we know for a 12th birthday some will be 11 and some 12!


  • Parties with food cannot be booked online, please call 01-6855005
  • Each team must have an adult or older (16+) teen (no charge)
  • Equates to 1 adult for every 5 children (max 6 on a team incl adult)
  • Large groups (15+) must book an early session – contact us!
  • 5th class ages and up – not suitable for 10 yo / 4th class age groups
  • Download party invite here
  • Allow 2 hours or 2.5 hours with food


Book Online below or call us on 016855005 with a 50% deposit for estimated numbers!  As we’re aimed at older children and adults we don’t provide party coordinators or goodie bags for our party groups.  However if having the pizza package you are of course welcome to bring a cake for after and we will of course give you napkins and plates.  Download the party invite here.  Also see our FAQ’s.