GoQuest Arena
An indoor challenge experience with 29 unique challenges. 1 Hr 45 Minutes Experience For adults, corporates, teenagers & older families. Min. age 12 in groups. Up to 100 people! *2 People see Info More info
GoQuest Junior
An Indoor Challenge Experience with 22 unique challenges. 1 hr 30 Minutes Experience For groups of 9-12 year olds and younger families (min. age 5 in a family team) Minimum 3 people, Maximum 70. More info
The Attic Mystery
How are your detective skills? Can you stop a deadly crime? The Attic is a fun filled mystery where you explore The Attic trying to solve clues and earn points. A 90 minute experience for 2 to 21 people. More info

Birthday Parties

Parties (Bookings with Food) are HUGE at GoQuest! GoQuest Arena is brilliant for teenage and adult birthdays. GoQuest Junior is ideal for 9th-12th birthdays (3rd class and up) so choose the right venue for your birthday for a great fun filled celebration. 12th birthdays can also attend GoQuest Arena if they are all in 6th class. See our quick PARTY GUIDE HERE on which venue and what’s included. The Attic is now also available for parties for ages 12 and up!

Seeking out the best place to host your party in Dublin? Whatever the occasion, GoQuest provides the perfect venue for family or friends’ celebrations! It’s fun, it’s interactive, it’s action-packed.

Please note:  The minimum age for 9th birthdays at GoQuest Junior is 8. GoQuest Arena has a minimum age of 8 in a family group and GoQuest Junior has a minimum age of 5 in a family group. A GoQuest Junior Party must meet BOTH conditions – minimum 9th birthday and all be in 3rd class or higher. GoQuest Junior is still a challenge (for families too!) but great fun and all the more rewarding and exciting when you pass one!

The GoQuest Birthday Party package includes:

  • 29 (Arena) & 22 (Junior) Unique Challenge Rooms with 3 Challenge Types.
  • Arena – 1hr 30 minutes activity & 30 minutes for food/drinks. Allow 2.5 hours on site.
  • Junior – 2 Hr Party, 1hr 15 minutes activity, briefing & team sorting & 30 minutes for food/drinks.
  • Prices from €29 for GoQuest Arena and €24 for Junior (€26 peak Junior)
  • Adult Birthdays for €28 per head (€26 group rate) plus pizza package from €9
  • Themed party invitations for GoQuest Arena and GoQuest Junior
  • GoQuest Junior Party Package includes the activity, 2 slices of pizza, refreshments, party host and a small gift for the birthday boy/girl. Minimum 10 children. See Here for Booking Process

To see the full details on food options for all groups check out our Food Options Page.

Teen Parties

Teen Parties

Have a laugh solving challenges and get competitive with your mates! Customised pizza packages available

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Grown Up Parties

Grown Up Parties

There is no reason that age should equal less fun! Enjoy your birthday and have a light-hearted yet competitive fun!

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Max 5 people per team. Get everybody having fun together! Work out how to win the points!

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Additional Information:

  • GoQuest Junior Party Packages are for 9th-13th birthdays. Sorry we do not accept 8th birthdays. For 9th birthdays, 1 or 2 parents are welcome to float in and out of the arena to encourage challenge participation though of course we have staff in arena and a party host if doing pizza package.
  • No outside food or drink is permitted in either GoQuest venue under any circumstances, however, if having the pizza package you are welcome to bring a cake and we will provide you with napkins and plates. Party bags – we can hold/store them for you but they can only be handed out as guests are leaving due to limited turnaround time.
  • GoQuest Junior – as we take 9th up to 12th birthdays so our party/briefing rooms are not themed. All challenge rooms in the challenge arena have a fun theme!
  • GoQuest Arena does not provide party coordinators or goodie bags for your group. GoQuest Arena party package is activity plus food and a 500ml drink (from €9)
  • Due to our policy on limiting plastic where possible, we do not provide party bag options for GoQuest Junior but see for ideas.
  • Party queries? Please contact our experienced team today to discuss your requirements.
  • For more information on GoQuest venues, please see GoQuest Arena or GoQuest Junior