GoQuest Arena
An indoor challenge experience with 29 unique challenges. 1 Hr 45 Minutes Experience For adults, corporates, teenagers & older families Minimum 3* people, Maximum 100. *2 People see Info More info
GoQuest Junior
An indoor challenge experience with 22 unique challenges. 1 hr 30 Minutes Experience For groups of 9-13 year olds and younger families (min. age 5 in a family team) Minimum 3 people, Maximum 70. More info
The Attic New
An Urban Mystery- Explore The Attic trying to solve a series of cryptic clues in a bid to score points and stop a future crime. 60 minutes experience Minimum 2 people, Maximum 18. More info


As some rooms (currently 4) in GoQuest Arena need a minimum of 3 people we do think that booking for 3 or more is a better experience. But Yes 2 people CAN do GoQuest Arena but just not on Saturdays (and see below re a few restrictions) Saturdays are not permitted because we want to always make sure we always have lots of empty rooms and we do this by setting a maximum amount of teams per session. Also – NOW OPEN- The Attic @ GoQuest is a 60 minute experience (50 minutes play time) and is designed for small teams of 2/3 people- an Urban Mystery as you explore The Attic solving a series of clues in a bid to earn points and stop a murder from taking place. It’s in the same building as GoQuest Arena in a new activity space and is NOT an Escape Room!

GoQuest is great for couples/dates:

  • 29 Unique Challenge Rooms – 25 can be completed by 2 people
  • We’ll give you a map with the rooms you can’t complete on it.
  • No Saturday bookings but all other times OK.
  • Now Open- The Attic – An Urban Mystery Minimum 2 people Max 18
  • Adults only €26.50 per head in GoQuest Arena – 1 hr 45 minutes Experience
  • The Attic – €21 per head (60 minutes Experience)
GoQuest Arena

GoQuest Arena

29 Challenges of which 2 people can (June ’23) complete 25. 1 hr 45 minutes Experience. 2 People OK except Saturdays.

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The Attic @ GoQuest

The Attic @ GoQuest

Urban Mystery – solve clues to stop another murder taking place and try and make the leaderboard. 60 Minutes Experiences. Teams of 2-3 people, Max 18 people. NOT an Escape Room!

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Additional Information:

  • We never mix teams – your team(s) will only be members of your group!
  • Allow 2 hours at GoQuest Arena (arrive 10 minutes before session start time)
  • For more information on GoQuest venues, please see FAQ’s page.