GoQuest Arena
An indoor challenge experience with 29 unique challenges. 1 Hr 45 Minutes Experience For adults, corporates, teenagers & older families. Min. age 12 in groups. Up to 100 people! *2 People see Info More info
GoQuest Junior
An Indoor Challenge Experience with 22 unique challenges. 1 hr 30 Minutes Experience For groups of 9-12 year olds and younger families (min. age 5 in a family team) Minimum 3 people, Maximum 70. More info
The Attic Mystery
How are your detective skills? Can you stop a deadly crime? The Attic is a fun filled mystery where you explore The Attic trying to solve clues and earn points. A 90 minute experience for 2 to 21 people. More info


As some rooms (currently 3) in GoQuest Arena need a minimum of 3 people we do think that booking for 3 or more is a better experience. But Yes 2 people CAN do GoQuest Arena but just not on Saturdays until AFTER 4p.m. This is because we want to always make sure we always have lots of empty rooms and we do this by setting a maximum amount of teams per session. All other days and times are permitted, just book online.

GoQuest is great for couples/dates:

  • 29 Unique Challenge Rooms – 26 can be completed by 2 people
  • 3 rooms that can’t be completed are clearly marked
  • No bookings until AFTER 4p.m. on Saturday but all other times and days OK.
  • Adults only €28 per head in GoQuest Arena – 1 hr 45 minutes Experience
GoQuest Arena

GoQuest Arena

29 Challenges of which 2 people can (June ’23) complete 25. 1 hr 45 minutes Experience. 2 People OK except Saturdays.

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Additional Information:

  • We never mix teams – your team(s) will only be members of your group!
  • Allow 2 hours at GoQuest Arena (arrive 10 minutes before session start time)
  • For more information on GoQuest venues, please see FAQ’s page.