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What is GoQuest?

Each GoQuest Indoor Challenge Arena contains 28 Unique Challenges split over physical, skill & mental challenges.

It’s the best LIVE scoring, fully automated, indoor challenge adventure for friends, families, groups and corporates. GoQuest is NOT an escape room – we’ve got 28 unique challenges in each venue!
GoQuest North & South contain totally unique challenges with none replicated in each venue.

If you like watching The Cube or those type of TV shows or if you like any sort of interactive challenge, then you’ll love GoQuest!

How it works

  • When you enter a room you have a limited amount of time to try and solve the challenge within – succeed and you’ll get the points for that room, fail and you can re-try it or attempt another challenge.
  • Remember! You’re on a quest to get as many points as possible in a session and you’ll have great fun doing it!
  • You can leave a room at any time and try another by pressing the exit button.
  • A GoQuest session is 1.5 hours of intense interactive and action-packed fun! You should allow 2 hours on site (or 2.5 hours with food).


  • A choice of 28 Unique Challenges to try and complete before time runs out!

  • A mix of (light) physical, skill and mental challenges.

  • There’s no queues at GoQuest! And there are always lots more rooms than teams!

  • For changes and updates to GoQuest Challenges, keep an eye on our Challenges page

Our Challenges


  • 28 Challenges are spread across 4 Themed Zones for you to discover.

  • You’re free to try any empty room at any point in order to score as many points as possible in your session



  • Teams operate in groups of 3-5 people.

  • Each venue can accommodate up to 50 per session as we re-open

  • The number of teams your group will be split into is set by our system with a maximum of 5 per team and a minimum of 3.

For parties or corporate groups we can also provide onsite catering after the fun (must be pre booked over phone and is subject to availability).

Bookings without catering can be made online or with catering by email

Call or email us at, or for more information.
Check out our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) for more.