Statement from GoQuest in relation to Fire Certification January 2019


On Friday 4th January, a fire in an escape room in Poland resulted in the tragic loss of life of five teenage girls.  GoQuest Indoor Challenge Zone is not an escape room but this has resulted in a number of queries from customers regarding our fire certification.

GoQuest is fully compliant in all matters relating to Insurance, DAC (disability access) and Fire Certification (and indeed planning permission and tax clearance). In particular, as part of the fit out and build in GoQuest North Finglas (and currently underway in GoQuest South Carrickmines) we sought and received a fire certificate.  This is a lengthy and rigorous process (as to be expected) and took over 6 months to attain and the works were then carried out in accordance with that certification and signed off as such.

For the record, you are not locked in any room in GoQuest, the doors do lock just to stop others entering and you can leave at any stage by pressing either of two buttons.  In the unlikely event of the fire alarm being activated (for any reason), all challenge room doors are linked to the fire alarm and unlock automatically.

If you need a copy of our PL insurance then contact us or indeed verification of our Fire Certificates (15/4187 & 17/8177) or Disability Access Certificates (DAC/172/15 & DAC 077/2017).


Ronan McCabe


MD GoQuest 6th January 2019