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Covid-19 Safety

Making your safety a priority

We are implementing new procedures to ensure the safety of our customers and staff as well as ensuring that we adhere to govt. guidelines.  These are being tested and adapted as we get closer to reopening but will include the following

5 step play protocol

  1. Sanitise hands
    At one of our sanitation points in reception
  2. Gloves on
    Only after hands are sanitised, put on the new gloves provided by us
  3. Play GoQuest
    Enter into the briefing room and the challenge zone safe in the knowledge that all groups
  4. Gloves off & bin
    Gloves are immediately removed once you leave the arena and disposed of in the dedicated bin.
  5. Sanitise hands
    Sanitise hands again immediately after removing gloves completing the safety process.

This will be compulsory for all customers and staff to ensure all surfaces, doors and keypads are untouched by hands at all times.

  • Reduced Venue capacity by 40%  (GoQuest South building is 16,000 sq feet in size, GoQuest North is 9,500 sq ft.)
  • Reduced maximum team size to 4 with some smaller rooms set at 3.  (Families can still play in teams of 5)
  • Recommended Face Coverings in the arena
  • Alcohol hand sanitiser is always available throughout the premises and on arrival
  •  Briefings – Smaller briefings group size and adhering to specified social distancing between teams.
  • All door handles, keypads, light switches, buttons and surfaces are routinely and regularly cleaned/disinfected but further protected by our compulsory 5 step play protocol.
  • Any staff members not feeling well will be asked to stay at home and similarly, we expect any customers not feeling 100% to please refrain from visiting our premises.
  • Both GoQuest venues have always had twice weekly contract cleaning throughout the full site but hourly staff cleaning is now also in place.

If you require any further information, please email

Please note that in GoQuest you only enter each challenge with people from your own group, we never mix groups into teams.

We encourage you to learn more about prevention, treatment, and other updates about the Coronavirus on the HSE website.

Wash your hands often; avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands; cover your cough or sneeze; avoid close contact with people who are sick; and stay home when you are sick.

** We understand that some groups may not wish to attend right away and we are being flexible on our standard Ts & Cs.  Please email or and we will put your booking in a holding date and your booking reference will stay the same and any payments or deposits made will transfer to the new date in full.